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Gareth Southgate admits there are poor relations between England's most ... - Telegraph.co.uk

Southgate admits he has a lot of work to do if he is to successfully bring together a group of people more interested in playing for themselves.

"We spoke about being a team before the game," Southgate told BT Sport.

"We know the potential of the group of individuals. The key now is how we come together as a team and that will take time because there is a lot of focus on individuals.

"Sometimes there is pressure on individuals and one or two of those had a point to prove and did that very well.

"It's my job to bring them together as a group, which is going to be a test as I can see."

Nathan Redmond, who separated the pair on the pitch, played down the incident saying: "It was just a bit of a disagreement, nothing else. We got back in the changing rooms and we sorted it out.

"You get that with teams everywhere, there is just a bit more of spotlight on this incident because it was for England.

"We sorted it out behind the scenes. Rav's a class player, sometimes he just has to move the ball a little bit quicker.

"Sometimes you do get a little bit frustrated with him, but you just have to let Rav be Rav because of the things he is capable of."

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