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Ireland's Melanie axed from X Factor but won't give up on her dream - Irish Examiner

Ireland's Melanie axed from X Factor but won't give up on her dream

Ireland's X Factor hopeful Melanie McCabe may have been booted off the show for a fourth time, but she hasn't let it sour her tone.

Speaking on the Colm Hayes Show on 2fm, Melanie remained optimistic about her future singing career, denied that she would be auditioning for X Factor again, and revealed that life backstage was a lot different when the cameras stopped rolling.

The 20-year-old has been auditioning for the programme since her teens and made it to the bootcamp twice and judges' houses in 2011 only to be eliminated before live finals on each occasion.

Melanie said that she was extremely disappointed but is determined to carry on with her singing career.

She said: "I handled it more maturely than I have in previous years. It hit me really bad in 2011 because it was the first time I had gotten to judges' houses and it was a really big deal for me."

Viewers were outraged at Nicole Scherzinger's decision to send the Dublin girl home on Sunday night, taking to Twitter to express their anger.

Melanie says that the Irish people were amazing and that the support "overwhelming".

"It's hard, ya know? It's hard for anyone to see you crying," she admitted. "You're on camera and a million people can see you in your most vulnerable state.

"When I went off stage and was talking to Dermot, I just said sorry and asked could I just go. I went and cried for a bit but then I thought, 'I can either go home and crumble or I can stand up and go on with my life' and that's what I did".

In the mean time, X Factor judge Louis Walsh said: "If I had the girls, I would definitely have picked her. Not because she's Irish, but because she has so much potential. It was hard to watch, it really was."

He told Melanie she "comes alive" when she sings and while he urged her not to give up, he said she shouldn't ever go back to the show because of the pressure.

"People don't realise the stress of it all. That show has far too much crying. She should never do it again."

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