lunes, 14 de octubre de 2013

'Penis beaker': why you should never ask the internet about your personal habits -

The most vivid example of asking the internet personal examples can be found on the Latvian-based website The concept of the site is that they throw at you any question they like – ever played spin the bottle? Would you do a "number two" under a table? Do you dunk your penis in a beaker? – and the wolfish audience lines up to savage you.

Why do people do this to themselves? Are they driven by a genuine desire to know whether or not they are normal? Are they seeking attention? Or are they simply posting a question in an offhand way, never dreaming that it would garner such controversy?

Either way, there is a lesson in all of this. If you feel the need to verify your personal habits against the national average, for God's sake don't use the internet to do so. It is the most obvious rule of thumb in the world ever. But many people, it seems, still don't get it.

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