"We welcome Morrissey" is the sign outside a book store in Gothenburg, Sweden, however some fans are left out in the dark as he makes his only public appearance to launch his new autobiography.

Fans gathered in Gothenburg on Thursday to catch a glimpse of Morrissey, who was launching his memoir. Some fans queued up for 48 hours to catch a glimpse of their hero.

Melisser Elliott, who booked her flight booked to Sweden on Thursday, tweeted: "Oh. My. Word. I can't even process this!"

She added: "In the queue for Morrissey's book signing with about 150 people."

Queues began at the Akademibokhandeln bookshop on Wednesday lunchtime. There were 1,000 copies of the autobiography available at the bookshop, with fans limited to three copies each.

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The musician, whose much-anticipated book Autobiography has been published by Penguin Classics, will make just the one public appearance to coincide with the launch.

One fan tweeted: "Morrissey is doing one book signing and it's in goteborg Sweden! Have to think about this. This is a tough call. That's far to go...."

And another: "Cannot explain how jealous I am of the people meeting Morrissey at his book signing. Why Sweden :("

Below you can find what life was like in the Morrissey queue, and for those fans who missed out, as told by Twitter: