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Sony offers first glimpse of PlayStation 4 in teaser video -

21 minutes ago

Sony has promised that it is going to give PlayStation fans a full picture of its upcoming next-generation gaming console, the PlayStation 4, at the company's E3 press briefing June 10. But not wanting to miss out on any of the next-gen console festivities this week, the Japanese tech giant released the most teasing of teaser videos to offer a fleeting glimpse at its new hardware.

At just 39 seconds, the video shows the camera slowly honing in on a blurry image of a black box amidst flashes to close-ups of the console and related hardware such as the new DualShock 4 controller and the PlayStation Eye camera.

Presumably, this is the same black box that was suspiciously absent from the PlayStation 4's official unveiling last February in New York City. Whether or not Sony is poking fun at itself for announcing new hardware without showing any actual hardware, the new teaser is a less-than-subtle jab at Microsoft, which is planning to unveil its competing Xbox console at a special event Tuesday.

But honestly: we don't want one video game console hogging the spotlight for too long, do we? Watch the full video below.

PlayStation 4 Teaser Video

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