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Ghana sets the benchmark - GhanaWeb

Feature Article of Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Columnist: Bolus, Mercy Adede

Gyan England466x282

.... for what a friendly match should be like?

Wow! Wow! Won in style again! The Black stars have set the record for all world future friendly. Fabio gave Ghana his B team and he thanked his lucky stars that a goal sailed through.

I genuinely felt Ghana played well and although Fabio Capello team cored briskly, the determination of Asamoah Gyan secured a goal for Ghana. This is a fitting reward for his relentless display and the Black Stars' ambitious attacking approach. This was simply wonderful and uplifting to all Ghanaians in the world watching the match.

Thank you so much Asamoah Gyan!

The black stars brought the carnival atmosphere from Ghana into Wembley stadium.

No one should mess about with The Black Stars anymore. I can vividly remember the 2006 when the Black stars played in their first World cup. Back in those days the Black stars appeared very timid and passes were not too confident.

The black stars of Ghana have now established themselves with as "A" team of Africa. The whole world was watching this match however this is just the beginning! Fabio's A" team were also watching behind closed doors and would be reassessing themselves to check out whether they could match the Black stars in term of their performance? This is of course a debateable topic?

This England - Ghana friendly was a 50% win- win for both countries. Let us continue to respect each other through our capability, capacity and more over our brilliant performances this evening and not the skin colour.

Ghana on the other hand, could have easily scored even more goals than this. It is great to have a taster matches and reserve better tricks for later? Wow! Ayekoo.

It was great to see our former President JJ Rawlings doing his bit in boosting the confidence of the Stars in Nairobi.

Ghana Football Club team and all supporters both in U.K, Ghana and globally have made Ghana proud.

Fellow Ghanaians be proud of who you are as the Black stars have proved this fact. Well I won my £2 bet on this match. I am double happy.

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