domingo, 27 de marzo de 2011

Liam mocks Noel during show - Toronto Sun

Liam Gallagher opened Beady Eye's gig in London on Friday night with an unsubtle dig at his estranged brother Noel and continued to mock his former Oasis bandmate throughout the show.

A furious bust-up between the British rock brothers ended Oasis back in 2009 and the pair hasn't spoken since, with Liam going on to form Beady Eye and Noel working on a solo career.

Liam took to the stage with his new band at London's Royal Albert Hall on Friday to perform as part of Roger Daltrey's annual Teenage Cancer Trust shows, which The Who star set up to raise money for sick youngsters.

But he refused to let the show pass without mention of his sibling and as he walked on stage, he aimed his opening remark at Noel, telling the crowd, "This is Beady Eye. This is not a Noel Gallagher concert."

Liam continued to make a number of rude remarks about his brother throughout the gig, notably poking fun at Noel's tendency to sit down during ballads as the band went to play their track Bring The Light.

He said, "We were going to sit down to sing the next song. But apparently someone who played here last year stole all the stools. Apparently he's got a nice little collection going on and all."

Noel Gallager played a solo set during the 2010 Teenage Cancer Trust shows.

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