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Couple on tandem killed in hit and run were about to try for an IVF baby - The Sun

A COUPLE killed when a car fleeing police hit their tandem were about to try for an IVF baby, heartbroken friends said yesterday.

Stunned Diane Pullin told how hours before the tragedy Ross Simons and wife Clare were celebrating getting the go-ahead for the treatment.

She added: "They were so happy. They desperately wanted children and it wasn't happening.

"They'd just had news they were able to have fertility treatment.

"Two young people with their lives in front of them - snapped away just like that. It's so sad. Such a waste of a life."

Builder Ross, 34, and shop assistant Clare, 30, were having one of their first rides on a new tandem when a Citroën Picasso hit them at about 4pm on Sunday.

Moments before the crash officers flashed their patrol car's lights at a Citroën "travelling at speed" to get it to pull over.

The car drove off and officers lost sight of the vehicle before it hit the Simons two miles from their home in Hanham, Bristol.

The driver fled the crash but a 38-year-old man later went to a police station and was arrested on suspicion of causing death by dangerous driving.

A 35-year-old woman was also arrested on suspicion of dangerous driving.

The couple's friends yesterday laid flowers at the crash scene — along with a picture of Ross and Clare on their wedding day in May 2011.

And last night almost 100 pals and relatives held a vigil there.

Ross's dad Edwin led the mourners — and sister Kelly said: "This is a tribute to Ross and Clare, two amazing people."

It is thought the couple were on their way for a meal at her parents when they were hit.

A neighbour said: "They only bought the tandem a few weeks ago and hadn't used it much. I think this was one of the first times they'd been out on it. I believe they were heading to Clare's family for tea when it happened.

"I spoke to Clare's dad yesterday evening and he was worried because they hadn't turned up.

"Ross's dad called this morning and told me what happened. He was crying."

Police confirmed a patrol car had spotted a Citroën travelling at speed just before the fatal crash.

A spokesman said: "The officer indicated to the car to stop but it made off. The officer began to follow the car but it was lost to sight almost immediately."

- BRITISH rugby ace Brendan Lynch, 26 — who played for Rome side Capitolina — has died on the city's ring road after a hit- and-run driver knocked him off his scooter.

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