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Google cancels Monday's Android event over hurricane - CNET

Hurricane Sandy's first casualty: Monday's Android event.

(Credit: WFOR-TV)

Android fans eager to get a look at the latest Nexus smartphones and tablets will have to wait a little longer. Google e-mailed reporters today saying that it was canceling the event because of concerns surrounding Hurricane Sandy.

As the storm gathered strength, Google faced mounting questions over whether it would continue with the event as planned. The waterfront pier where the event had been scheduled is now in an evacuation zone. Yesterday, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo declared a state of emergency.

Google said it would let reporters know as soon as the event was rescheduled.

On Monday, the company was expected to show off new Nexus tablets -- in both 7- and new 10-inch varieties -- and a Nexus 4 smartphone. It was also expected to show off Android 4.2.

While the official announcements have been pushed back, there's still plenty of reading material available online. Images purporting to show the Nexus 10 tablet leaked online yesterday; Google's Vic Gundotra posted pictures taken with a Nexus 10 on Google+; and various manuals popped up on the Internet.

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