martes, 30 de octubre de 2012

Twitter finally embraces Windows on desktop, Windows 8 app coming - CNET (blog)

In recent months, Twitter has been making a push to create a consistent experience across as many platforms as possible, be it the Web, iOS, Android, OS X, Blackberry, or even Windows Phone 7. But one platform has been conspicuously missing: Windows on the PC.

Now, however, Twitter says that it is is planning to release an official Windows 8 app, meaning that for more than four million people who have already adopted the latest version of the operating system, they will no longer have to rely on third-party or Web apps.

This is also an important move for Microsoft, which is hoping to attract as many big-name platform providers to the platform.

The catch? Twitter didn't say when the app would be released. "Windows8 needs a great Twitter app," the company tweeted this morning. "So we're building it. Looking forward to sharing it with you in the months ahead."

Of course, that could mean next month, or it could mean mid-2013. Twitter isn't saying.

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