lunes, 29 de octubre de 2012

Tulisa wants a regular guy - Khaleej Times

TULISA CONTOSTAVLOS SAYS she does not mind dating a regular guy irrespective of his job.

"If I find someone who's a good guy that I get along with, I don't really care what he does, and that goes for anything," quoted her as saying.

"I don't care if he works in McDonald's. The one is the one," she added.

Contostavlos, 24, currently seen as a judge on British reality show The X-Factor, says she would not mind dating a contestant, but not as long as she is on the judge's panel.

"I'd never date someone I'm mentoring, or any contestant while the show is on," the singer said.

"If I met a contestant six months down the line that was not in my category, who I just happened to find chemistry with... I'd date anyone who I got along with or who I found date-worthy. Like I said, it doesn't matter what their job is," she added.

She was in a relationship with singer Fazer for two years, before calling it quits in February.

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