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George Michael cancels tour dates to seek treatment for anxiety - The Sun

GEORGE Michael has cancelled a series of shows in Australia to seek treament for "major anxiety" following his battle with pneumonia at the end of last year.

The Symphonica tour resumed this autumn after it was pulled when he suddenly became ill in November last year.

After a performance at London's Royal Albert Hall last night, the British singer has announced he is axing dates in Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and the Hunter Valley.

However he confirmed he would still fulfil his UK dates in October.

In a statment, the ex-Wham star writes: "I have today announced the cancellation of the shows in Australia which breaks my heart.

"By way of explanation all I can say at this time is that since last year's illness I have tried in vain to work my way through the trauma that the doctors who saved my life warned me I would experience.

"They recommended complete rest and the type of post traumatic counselling which is available in cases like mine but I'm afraid I believed (wrongly) that making music and getting out there to perform for the audiences that bring me such joy would be therapy enough in itself.

"Unfortunately I seriously underestimated how difficult this year would be... I was wrong to think I could work my way through the major anxiety that has plagued me since I left Austria last December."

Michael reveals he will be seeking professional help after finishing his current British gigs and hopes to be back on the road soon.

He adds: "All that's left for me to do is apologise to my wonderful Australian fan base and to promise faithfully that as soon as I completed these shows here in the U.K. I will receive the treatment which is so long overdue."

Earlier this year George appeared to be in good health as he performed at the closing ceremony of the Olympics.

He had completed 46 of the original 65 dates when he contracted pneumonia.

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