miércoles, 27 de febrero de 2013

Tulisa: The Female Boss – review - The Guardian

The debut solo album from N-Dubz singer and X Factor judge Tulisa doesn't start promisingly. The spoken-word Intro espouses female empowerment but sounds like Pat Butcher flatly intoning rejected taglines for Margaret Thatcher biopic The Iron Lady, before the numbing, generic trance stylings of recent No 1 single Young kick in. Live Your Life and the atrocious Kill Me Tonight are cut from the same cloth, while Damn is a ponderous power ballad. Her lyrics are little better, tackling falling for wrong 'uns (Foreigner) and home-grown gangsters (British Swag). The few redeeming moments come when she ceases her bellowing and shows a little restraint, as on the surprisingly likable Skeletons.

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