miércoles, 28 de agosto de 2013

Michael Gove attacks 'weak' Ed Miliband over unions - Telegraph.co.uk

Mr Gove will contrast Mr Miliband with Neil Kinnock, the former Labour leader, who famously denounced the Militant Tendency in 1985.

"While Kinnock moved bravely and remorselessly to eradicate Militant's influence and Militant-sponsored MPs from Labour Miliband has done nothing to stop the takeover of his own party," Mr Gove will say.

Mr Gove has said that Mr Miliband's recent call for a ban on political donations of more than £5,000 from individuals would inevitably lead to state funding for UK political parties.

He has accused the Labour leader of threatening to impose a £40million "Militax" on voters by forcing them to pick up the bill for running Britain's political parties.

Mr Gove has repeatedly ruled out standing for the Conservative leadership, insisting that he lacks the essential qualities necessary for the job.

Mr Miliband says the cap is needed to stop wealthy donors gaining access to politicians.

However, his admirers have suggested that he may find "greatness thrust upon him" in the future.

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