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Owners of killer dogs to face same jail terms as lethal drivers under new ... - Telegraph.co.uk

Earlier this year, the Government announced plans to make it a crime in England and Wales to allow a dog to be dangerously out of control on private property after Jade Anderson, 14, was killed by five dogs in a house in Wigan.

In 2003, the government raised the maximum penalty for death by dangerous driving from 10 to 14 years.

Lord de Mauley, the animal welfare minister said: "It is right that the punishments of those who allow their dog to kill or injure people or assistance dogs are proportionate to the horrendous impact dog attacks can have.

"We're toughening up laws to ensure that anyone who owns a dangerous dog can be brought to justice, regardless of where an attack takes place. We're also giving local authorities and the police new powers to nip issues in the bud and take action before a dog attack takes place."

Some campaigners have said Government policies on dogs are becoming too strict. Home owners were warned earlier this year that they could potentially face prosecution if their dog scares a child who strays into their garden to retrieve a football.

Under the rules, an owner whose dog "nips, bites or barks" at a person such as a postman could in theory face court action.

There are concerns that the law could lead to dog owners being threatened with legal action if their pet barks aggressively at a child.

Under the new Government plans, a dog owner could also face three years in jail if their animal kills an assistance dog.

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