jueves, 24 de octubre de 2013

Winning the title important not the place: Sebastian Vettel at Indian GP - Daily News & Analysis

He is on the cusp of securing a historic fourth World title in three days' time but Red Bull driver Sebastian Vettel says it does not bother him if he wins it in India or somewhere else but surely it will be a big relief if he could pull it off this weekend.

Coming to India, Vettel has a huge 90-point lead over closest Ferrari rival Fernando Alonso and needs to finish just inside top-5 to secure his fourth straight title.

"It's looking pretty good but we are focused on the job at hands this weekend. The target is to get the maximum both for the race and for the championship. For sure it's nice to have the opportunity but I am not trying to focus on that, the focus is on the race. Most important part is that we win the championship it does not matter where and when," Vettel said.

However, the 26-year-old said it would be great if he could wrap it up on Sunday but he won't talk much about it as it would kill the excitement.

"For sure it will be a great relief because it is the ultimate thing for which we work so hard all year. We are in a good position but I don't come here, thinking I can do this or that. The target is to win the race and should we do that is good enough to secure the title, it is something very special so it does not make sense talking about it beforehand because it takes away the excitement," the German ace said.

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