USA TODAY asked readers to write a fun caption for this photo of Prince William holding Prince George at his christening at the Chapel Royal in St. James' Palace. Here are some of the best submissions:

STORY: Royal baby christened in front of small gathering

• "All I remember is drinking my bottle and I woke up in this dress" -- Tabitha McElroy Tate

• "Pants! Pants! My kingdom for some pants!" -- Lynda Tate

• "Taking a Royal Dump" -- Dan McLean

• "Who would have thought I'd be holding Winston Churchill?" -- James Woodard

• "prince william u are not the father" -- Johnny Shinholster

• "I see dead people" -- Kim Rosen

• "Boy George rules the throne" -- John Bailo

• "I left nap time for this?!?!?" -- Cherie Franklin Columbia

• "Hey Pop we both have the same amount of hair" -- Danny Patton

• "I bet I can toot and blame it on the baby" -- Matthew Bedford

• "I think he shipped his pants" -- Mikalina Marie Tambasco