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Let the countdown commence - BBC releases Doctor Who: 50 years trailer - The Independent (blog)

After waiting nearly six months since the last instalment of Doctor Who, the BBC has released a trailer marking 50 years of the show. While it is not a trailer for the upcoming 50th anniversary special The Day of the Doctor, it is an impressive piece of televisual wizardry.

Featuring, all the incarnations of the Time Lord, including Jon Pertwee's third Doctor, William Hartnell's original Doctor and Tom Baker's fourth Doctor, it is a delight for old and new fans of the show. It will hopefully tie together the 50 years of history of the show which started in 1963.

It is a trailer that needs to be watched more than once purely to see all the bits of Doctor Who paraphernalia layered into it – from Jelly Babies and sonic screwdrivers to cricket balls and question mark umbrellas. There is even an appearance from companions Sarah Jane Smith and Clara Oswald.

The hype has already starting mounting and only a couple of weeks ago 'lost' episodes of the show were recovered from a television station in Nigeria. No doubt there will be plenty more coming in the next month in the build up to the 50th anniversary.

The 'Doctor Who' 50th anniversary special 'The Day of the Doctor' will be on 23 November on BBC1

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