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2 billion tune in to Royal Wedding - NEWS.com.au

Ratings royalty: Friends watch the royal wedding on television. The wedding is estimated to have drawn a worldwide television audience of two billion people. Picture: Paula Bronstein Source: Getty Images

THE Royal wedding has turned out to be a TV hit with an estimated worldwide audience of two billion people.

More than 24 million viewers in Britain alone watched the royal wedding on terrestrial television, according to early estimates from the BBC.

The broadcaster, which provided the official feed for the marriage of Prince William and Kate, said 24.5 million watched the event on BBC channels and ITV, which made up more than 99 percent of the nation's terrestrial TV audience.

The estimate puts the wedding in the top 10 of programs ever watched in Britain, although more people watched England's victorious 1966 World Cup final and the funeral of William's mother Diana in 1997.

Global estimates put the audience size at two billion, or roughly one third of the entire population.

The massive numbers were mirrored in Australia, where figure put the viewership at more than four million, making it one of the most watched events on local television in more than a decade.

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