viernes, 29 de abril de 2011

900000 caught in 'fit to work' check - The Sun

ALMOST 900,000 Brits trying to claim sickness benefit are fit to work, shock figures reveal.

Three out of four were caught out by assessments in a Government crackdown on scroungers.

Ministers said it proved they were right to shake up the welfare system.

Health tests for new Employment and Support Allowance claimants were introduced by Labour in 2008. Those found to be wrongly claiming are turned down.

Tests found 39 per cent of new claimants fit to work. A further 36 per cent abandoned their claim - suggesting they knew tests would see them sent to find jobs.

In all 887,300 scroungers were snared. The Government will also test existing incapacity benefit claimants. All 1.6million on IB will be assessed in the next three years.

Ministers expect half a million to be passed fit. Employment minister Chris Grayling called it "clear evidence of a need for change in our welfare system".

Last week it emerged 21,000 junkies and alcoholics have claimed sickness benefits for more than ten years.

Nearly 2,000 on the benefit were obese.

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