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Westminster Abbey has been transformed into an English garden for the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

As guests slowly file in, they will be hit by the heady scent of lily of the valley and other blooms.

Walking though the Great West Door, the congregation will be treated to the sight of two large green-and-white floral creations featuring azaleas and rhododendrons.

Portrait of love ... Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Portrait of love ... Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Other subtly placed displays can be found throughout the abbey from the sanctuary - the heart of the building - to close to the quire, where the two choirs will be seated.

The nave is lined by six slender English field maples towering over the seated guests.

At their base lily of the valley flowers have been arranged, giving off their pungent aroma.

Plush red carpet which gives underfoot has been laid by a gang of workmen from the entrance through the nave and quire to the steps leading up to the sanctuary and high altar.

Above the reredos - the ornamental screen behind the high altar - foliage and blooms, including wisteria, euphorbias, azaleas and magnolia, cascade down.

At the heart of the abbey, the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh will sit on ornate chairs with plush red seats and backs with the wood decorated with gold-coloured trim and the monarch seated closest to the high altar.

The Middleton family - headed by Michael, who will give his daughter away - will sit opposite them, about five metres away.

Close by will be two hornbeam trees, one by the great pulpit where the Bishop of London, the Right Reverend Richard Chartres, will give his address, and the other near the great lectern, where the bride's brother, James, will give his reading.

Two quiet spaces where the Royal Family will have some private time are simply furnished.

In the Chapel of St Edmund, surrounded by the tombs of noblemen and women, are some simple folding chairs a few metres apart where William and his brother and best man Prince Harry will have about 10 minutes to wait for Kate Middleton to arrive.

In the Chapel of Edward the Confessor, a table laid with a black cloth is where the couple will sign the marriage registers in the presence of their immediate family.